Monday, January 20, 2014

Cowboys and Surgeons

   My previous posts have been to a great degree subjective. They have pushed you in a direction rather than show a precise course of action to resolve an issue. They haven't been full of scripts and images and statistics like I might have originally imagined. Statistically my audience is like 0 people. There is one statistic for you.
  I may have glazed over the idea in a previous week but you can divide people into two groups . Cowboys are those that get a "good" idea and act on it before too much evaluation weakens the merit of the idea. Surgeons are the ones who need to consider the idea before suffering any avoidable consequences from the action.
     Cowboys are okay with doing things quick and dirty. They can then move onto the next project. They may be students of the pareto principle. They figure if they keep working on the big problem they are solving the majority of their issues. They believe you can't let perfect be the enemy of the good.
     Surgeons are more final in their actions. They build in details to prevent fallout from the change being made. Waiting to do something has its own value. To them than having to do something similar again in the near future is not worth making "absolutely" sure it is being done in the best possible way. Their changes might be so meticulous that the benefit is lost in the time to launch.
Are you a surgeon or a cowboy ?

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